About Our Agency

Raise your hand if the number of digital marketing and web design agencies you’ve run into as you search for the one that’s exactly right for you has left you more confused than ever.

We feel your pain. You want results not confusion. Affordability, not the run around. And you want all of the tools that contribute to your marketing success to be found under a single umbrella.

You’re not alone. Running a business is complicated enough without having half a dozen vendors on speed dial to care for your marketing operations. Research has proven that keeping one’s marketing functions with a single resource saves time, money—and especially frustration.

You won’t be lost in translation as a member of the Larry Waight Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency family—and like family, we’ll always have your best interests in mind.

Established in 2010 with offices located in Belize, Canada and Bulgaria, our team works with customers throughout the world, providing expertise in areas that include web design, internet marketing, social media, web hosting, messaging, publicity and just about every promotion-related art and science under the sun.

As a full-service marketing agency…

…we thrive on new challenges and celebrate diversity, so whether you’re a small company with big ambitions or a huge entity whose marketing projects have gone stale over time, our “fresh eyes” approach to your challenges include:

-Honest assessments of your needs so you neither waste our time nor yours.
-Attention that’s so personalized, you never need worry about being a number.
-Innovation you won’t find elsewhere because our team has no equal.
-An ethical commitment to quality results you can take to the bank.
-Both qualitative and quantitative approaches to projects that are in line with contemporary trends.
-Out-of-the-envelope thinking; make that out of the box and out of this world!

Our first client introductory meeting is “on us,” whether we decide to get together in cyberspace or in person, so you haven’t a thing to risk. Best of all, we listen. And that’s where your future success begins.

Why you should keep your business where you live

A few years ago, BusinessWire.com, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, profiled Belize’s future and described the uptick in demand for market-related services required by Belize’s business community.

According to analysts, demographic and macro-economic factors driving Belize commerce are expected to keep growing until 2025, which is why no business can afford to ignore the need for digital marketing assistance.

You can outsource your work or align yourself with an agency that knows the unique ways businesses operate in Belize, keeping your business in the community where your customers receive the personal care, attention and expertise they require to keep growing into the future, too. Your call. What will you do?

You need big ideas, not a big team

Because our goal is to be all things to a small number of clients, we enjoy the freedom to devote quality time to our clients because while we like making money, at the very heart of our mission is delivering customer service excellence. We don’t take clients for granted. At the core of our business model are these 12 promises:

1. We believe that trust-building is essential to relationships, first and foremost.

2. We place ourselves squarely in the shoes of each client.

3. We ask more questions than most. How else can we understand exactly what you need and don’t need?

4. If there’s something new on the marketing horizon, you won’t hear about it from anyone else.

5. We test ourselves habitually, taking a critical approach to everything we do on behalf of clients.

6. We are so responsive, you can contact us ‘round the clock.

7. We’ll estimate your project(s) in writing so you’re not hit with mystery, out-of-the-blue surprises.

8. We never forget the value of honesty, respect, integrity and fairness. Old-fashioned values? You bet.

9. Our code is created using technology that’s state-of-the-art so you never have to worry about whether or not your platform is compatible. Name a browser. You’re covered.

10. Our reliance upon WordPress technology deserves another mention. Because it’s so easy to learn, we are happy to train clients to use it at no charge.

11. You won’t find images and content that sound, read and look like everyone else’s. You run a one-of-a-kind business. Templates have no place in the creative process so we avoid them.

12. Our on-time delivery of projects is unprecedented. We never take deadlines lightly because time is money and you can’t afford a launch date that doesn’t come to fruition. Further our reportage is first-rate and available on a continual basis online so you always know where you stand.

Need more proof that we’re on your side? How about a free consult? Present us with your biggest challenge and let us see how it can be solved via a website you’ll be proud to show off.

Call +501+601-0315 right now or visit www.larrywaight.com to see what we can do for you!


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