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While we admit that our client-focused business mission is to give every client exactly what he or she needs and wants, our success and strengths are focused on specific, contemporary, digitally-driven niches that are rooted in old-fashioned marketing but designed for today’s pace. You’ll have questions, of course, which is why the following overview is just a taste of the services we offer.

Waight Web Services

Unless you’ve been involved in the process of creating, maintaining and nurturing a website, you likely have no idea what behind-the-scenes moves are required to turn your ideas, products and services into a format that’s so compelling, visitors stop in their tracks.

Our website design and development services are so advanced, they include all of the bells and whistles you thought were out of your price range and perhaps too advanced for your fledgling business. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What’s the secret behind our magic formula for getting to the heart of your business? It’s as simple as getting to know you! Unlike competitors we don’t adopt a “we know everything” attitude about your unique business, so it’s critical that we understand your objectives, goals, strategies and mission before we craft your website.

Further, we’re experts at crafting websites using WordPress, the easy-to-use tool that customizes your website so exquisitely, you never lose control of your content. Log in. Edit. We’ll show you how to use this platform once your website is up and running.

Content writing

What makes a website vibrant and compelling? The creative words and expressions that grab the attention of readers and keep them there long enough to convey information that leads them to make a buying decision. That’s called content; the creative, thought-interrupting, galvanizing facts and figures that “converse” with business people who appreciate the clever words and phrases we design just for you.

But, there’s marketing content–and then there’s marketing content. You know this because you likely encounter content that is pedantic and over the heads of exactly the people you want to impress every day.

Our approach to populating a website is unique. Our writers are not just specialists in the art of word craft but their Search Engine Optimization skills are superior. We don’t “keyword stuff,” but rather skillfully incorporate your information subtly. SEO words should never be stuffed into text like a Thanksgiving turkey!

Sensible. Compelling. Easy-to-read and easier to understand, we take your products and services under our wing and coax out nuggets of information that don’t require readers to have a certain education or skill level to understand what your clever messaging can contribute to your bottom line.

Responsive web design
How many times have you visited a website only to scratch your head and ask aloud, “What were these people thinking?” You know the drill. There are too many different typefaces to count. Images are either inappropriate or irrelevant when it comes to depicting what you do.

We know the difference between responsive web design and e-commerce website design because our clients don’t need to be sold something they neither need nor want.

When clients invite someone into their “domain,” we supply the color, art, excitement and “look” that is so perfectly matched to your business objectives, nobody need search to figure out what you’re selling because it’s so evident.

Our designers are curious, intrigued and challenged. Selecting images, laying them out, matching copy and integrating your message tells the unique story of what your business can do. Our clients expect nothing less.

Website hosting
Imagine, for a moment, your favorite watering hole where you’re treated like royalty. This welcoming treatment is why you keep returning. Now, translate this scenario to your website where customer service and technical experts “manage” everything that goes on so pages stay fresh, navigation is a breeze and there’s always something new and fascinating to see.

That’s the essence of website hosting and we do it like nobody else. What can you expect as a member of the Waight Digital Marketing family if we host your site?

1. Above-average maximized uptime.
2. We sleuth out malware and don’t charge a cent to keep things clean. Hacks? Forget about it.
3. Fast page load times. Not wimpy fast; really fast. Think rocket fuel fast.
4. Security. We protect client sites to the max. If there’s a threat out there, we know about it.
5. Because we us WordPress CMS, your site runs smoothly and efficiently 24/7.